Women for Justice - A film by Daniel Burkholz and Sybille Fezer.

Brigadistas - Return to Spain - A film by Daniel Burkholz.

Ganesha in Hamm - A film by Daniel Burkholz.

Tsunami in Banda Aceh - A film by Daniel Burkholz.

Rajasthan by the Roadside - A film by Daniel Burkholz.

NO PASARAN - The Film.

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Half a Million Public Enemies

Soon after the end of World War II the „Cold War“ started. Against this background the German government planned - in spite of all the terror and grief, the „Nazi-Wehrmacht“ brought to the world - already in1950 the building of a Westgerman Army. This project caused great protests among the population. [more]


Women for Justice

Forced marriages, domestic violence, over 7,000 wifes murdered each year – in India, violence against women is omnipresent and nearly all women, independent of class, caste and religion, are affected.  [more]



70 years after the beginning of the Spanish ­Civil War the last still living international volunteers, who fought for freedom and democracy and against General Franco and fascism, return to Spain. [more]


Ganesha in Hamm

Hamm, situated in the Western part of Germany, has a lively Hindu community which has their own infrastructure with tempels, restaurants, shops and schools. It is a kind of a secret capital for the Tamil immigrants in Germany. [more]


Katastrophenhilfe in Banda Aceh

Banda Aceh, the capital of the province Aceh, is situated on the northern tip of Sumatra. After the Tsunami hit the city on 26th of December 2004, there was a unique wave of helpfulness to help the flood-stricken to cope with this catastrophy. [more]


Rajasthan by the Roadside

Rajasthan is a poor desert state with poor living conditions. This is a burdon which mostly the Rajasthan women have to carry, but things are starting to change. The viewers are taken along to Pushkar, a typical small country- and pilgrimage-town in the center of Rajasthan that attracts many tourists [more]


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