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Daniel Burkholz, the founder of Roadside Dokumentarfilm, is an award winning filmmaker and producer. He first worked as lawyer for environment protection organizations and later as head of an environment protection and of an education authority. In 1999, he and his team were awarded with the Gold Medal at the Agenda 21 Competition of the German Government. After an intermezzo as rescue diver and Divemaster in Thailand, Indonesia and Egypt, he studied the Nomad's culture of the Sinai, the Aborigine's culture in Australia and stayed with the Bishnoi People of the Great Thar desert. In 2005, Daniel Burkholz founded Roadside Dokumentarfilm. In 2006 he founded the European Resistance Archive. For this work he was awarded with the Gold Medal of Merit endowed by the italian resistance hero Onorina Pesce. Adelina Kondrateva, Chair Woman of the Veteran's Commitee of Russia, awarded him with the Medal of Honor. 2016, Daniel Burkholz founded the EDITION ROADSIDE and 2020 the NOMADS of Documentary. 2021, Daniel Burkholz endowes the Onno von Klopp Prize. So far, his films have been officially selected for more than 300 festivals, fests and film series around the world.