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Half a Million Public Enemies - A film by Daniel Burkholz.

In 1950, when the Cold War had started, the West German government planned the building of a new army. This project caused huge protests among the war tired population. The government considered the protesters to be public enemies. About 500.000 men, women and children were affected by political persecution, which often was carried out by police men, public prosecutors and judges, who had already been on duty during the Nazi Time. Many activists were thrown into prison, partly for a very long time. Finally the whole political movement was smashed down by this persecution, which is unprecedented in western democracies.  


Runtime: 54 Minutes, ratio: 16:9, Germany 2013

Director: Daniel Burkholz
Script: Daniel Burkholz, Sybille Fezer
Creative Producer: Sybille Fezer
Camera: Ruzbeh Sadeghi, Daniel Burkholz
Editing and Postproduction: Jan-Malte Enning
Production: Roadside Dokumentarfilm
Copyright © 2013: Roadside Dokumentarfilm / Daniel Burkholz; All Rights Reserved

The film is distributed by Roadside Dokumentarfilm. If you are interested, please be so kind to let us know:  contact.


Comments on "Half a Million Public Enemies" 

Until now, a veil of silence was drawn over this chapter of German history. Peter Kleinert in "Neue Rheinische Zeitung"

By using original photographies, the film makes the violence, which was exercised by the Federal Republic of Germany in its early years, vivid... . Matthias Reichelt in "Junge Welt"

The strength of the film lies in its renouncing of any heroicization and its showing of the prosecution ´s impact on the social environment of the individuals concerned. Peter Nowak in "der Freitag"

On many places of his film Burkholz makes it very clear, that this prosecution clashed with the official claim as "democratic state governed by the rule of law". Hans Günther-Dicks in "Unsere Zeit"

One should not be astonished that the Federal Ministery of Justice didn´t  want to give the director an interview on this topic. Thomas Blum in "Neues Deutschland"

Watch this Film! It contains not a single boring second. Anja Röhl in "Scharf Links"